Whatever, It's Fine

by The Otis Wolves

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Thank you to all the residents of Bates Hardcore Gym, Fineburgh, the patient people at WPTS Radio, our close and extended families, and all of our friends that feel like a family of their own.

These songs were recorded on April, 4th 2015, however they were written during the on-going process of my life and some of them date as far back as 2009. They feature attitudes and information that felt true to the times they were written in. Helping Karim start 222 Ormsby was the highlight of my life--seriously my 16 year old dream. Because of it, I got to meet talented and unique people from all over the planet. It’s so nice to have people to write to in every city. I’m sorry we can’t always be together.

Special thank you to former members of The Otis Wolves: Eric Ross, Ryan Chitty, Brayton Batson, and Chris Lundgren. Guess we make better friends than bandmates. And to my unconditional and lifelong friends: Matt Tryc, Karim Akacem, Drew Thorla, Sean Gardener, Alaina Dadey, Amanda Pucci, Maxwell Stern, Ryan Williamson, Shannon O’toole, Megan Cramer, Robby Lester.

Lastly I’d like to dedicate this EP to Ottie Wolf himself. Be safe out there Otis.



released May 1, 2015

Max Bulger - vocals, guitar
Laura Cramer - vocals, bass, glockenspiel
Jake Stern - vocals, guitar
Benjamin Truckenbrod - drums

Dan Willis - horn arrangements

Recorded and mixed by Chris Finestone at WPTS Studios
Additional Engineering by Dave Cerminara at Treelady Studios.




The Otis Wolves Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Green Lights
On Halloween of 2013 I was on the fifth floor of a detox at Mercy. I was broke down and scared, ‘cause for the first time in my life I was facing my life’s disrepairs. Though Mira’s mom never confronted me, she was the first person to have something to say about my drinking. I’m not sure when it appeared, or what wrong choice led me there. I walked reckless along lifestyles that lingered too long. And I’d conceal those symptoms with bottom shelf gin from a Nalgene. When there was nobody there, I’d tilt it back, let 90 proof bite dry air. So for the length of a song, won’t let that sadness drag on.
I used to be nothing but trouble, dude I’m leading this party on. Not showing I’ve learned from the scratches and burns, no that’s not gonna be me. And I used to have so much to prove but god man, I got that all wrong--found constantly searching for approval becomes habit forming. Nailing all of the green lights, just driving home from home. Eroding all of the context without ever once confronting where my feelings come from. There are some low points of my life that are frozen online. Had devils on my shoulder, I’m over one year sober now. Those are the low points of my life that I’ll never forget. Lost people I won’t get over. Beth, Steve, and Melanie Slover. A checkered pattern lines the coffin of a ska phase that we all went through as kids. And you can bury those times with my ID in the duchess, cuz dude you know that’s where I’d rather live--but I’m glad to have a second chance.
Track Name: Well, Mostly
Well, mostly it’s my illiteracy. Always sucked at typing, always been bad at spelling. You got a text from me? I bet it’s real hard to read. I was born, a fucking chip on my shoulder, and these brown/hazel eyes that reserve me through space and time--they can always disguise me. I know it’s hard to believe, some people don’t like me. Oh no! I had a wonderful time, I’m just going home alone tonight. Always worried if my depression spikes, then you could see me in real light. It’s like the whole werewolf thing, except its low self-esteem. And dude Its low self-esteem, some motherfuckers don’t like me.
Track Name: T-Shirt Weather
Hey the last time that we went out, dude it was T-shirt weather. Oh Matt if I can remember, we were all drunk from beer that wasn’t ours—that nobody could pay for. We walked our way out and into the city, our bags full of spray paint. ‘Til those lights and dude the sirens found you, and they found us too. They radioed back “Hey we found Matt’s body, we found his lifeless body.” On Brunots Island, just a mile away from where we stashed paint. We gave good pace out front of the court-room, they saw your unused spray cans. Passed the cops, who were smiles and sighs until the judge said, “It’s a case to discard since young deaths tend to leaves scars.” Though I told him about the bruise on your arm from the cops that grabbed you too hard. Gave it reason, we exaggerated, gave it blame. With the paperwork in front of the judge that couldn’t remember your name. And so on your funerals day, RUPT signed you into MHA. ‘Cause we know that you would have been proud to have that hang on your name.
Track Name: Coltart
Leaving Oakland alone well after bars have all closed--and fuck this far walk back to Crafton where your widowed father resides. I think its bullshit to say that we could have this easier. Well I’m older now, I hope that Brian forgives me. Cuz it’s a long walk from here out to the end of your block. Cuz it’s a long walk from here out to the end of your block but it’s a record crate that says “Read my lips, won’t take your calls, I’m like a block away.” And in a happy tone that trails off to consistent complaining. I can’t believe you sold my guest list spot to see Hot Water’s tour. I can’t hear over that ghost, so loud I read the captions from my TV. Drew it’s a long walk from here to the end of Coltart.
Track Name: Why Would You Ever
Came in from a foggy Allegheny view. I felt the tension to kiss you, I stopped and thought, “Why would you ever want me to?” With the memories of my life distorted, dropped down, in double time. Stood on the Fort Pitt Bridge—I grabbed your hand but I couldn’t kiss you goodnight. Stared at the West End Bridge where I let down the love of my life.