Sad Beers Split

by The Otis Wolves




This was recorded at 222 Ormsby in Pittsburgh, PA on November 23, 2012 and at the Pacific Speedway Pit-Bull Palace in Pittsburgh, PA on November 25th, 2012


released 25 November 2012

Songs 1, 2, and 3 were written and performed by Max Bulger [the Otis Wolves].

Songs 4 and 5 were written and performed by Robby Lester [the Ghostwrite].

Song 6 was written by Robby Lester and Max Bulger, and this song was performed by Robby Lester [the Ghostwrite].

All six of these songs were recorded by Robby Lester using a "smart phone"and a computer that works, sometimes.




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The Otis Wolves Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh acoustic folk.

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Track Name: 15136
The last time that we went out, dude, it was t-shirt weather
But if I can remember
We were all drunk from the beer that wasn't ours
that nobody could pay for
We walked our way out into the city
with our bags of spray paint
Until those lights
and those sirens found you
Dude, they found us, too
And they radioed back "hey, we found a body,"
found Matt's lifeless body
Just a mile away from where we had stayed

I gave good pace outside of the courtroom
I saw those unused spray cans
And passed a cop who was smiles
Until the judge said, "it's a case to disregard
since young deaths tend to leave scars."
Then we told him about the bruise on your arm
from the cops that grabbed you too hard
We gave it reason
then exaggerated
Gave it blame
With the paperwork in front of the judge,
he couldn't remember your name

So on your funeral's day, we signed you into MHA
Cause we know that you would have been proud
to have that hang from your name
Track Name: Veronica
I'm singing under my breath in a hospital bed
where's I'm waiting out your withdraw symptoms end, too
Watch you begin again

I'm showing courtesy in my character
to a nurse in a room full of strangers I'll never know
I'll let politeness show

I'm mis-perceiving mixed signals through the crowd in a room
I'll let the pause in the music still leave me in confusion
Can't get your message through

You're hanging on to letting go
the ones you've lost and you've loved
I'll make the drive to New Kensington
to read a grave that says Veronica

Veronica, I'll always remember you
Track Name: Help Has Arrived
I threw a party
Saw your band play
Found hole inside of
your upstairs bathroom floor
And I peered through
To the kitchen
Not expecting recognition
From you, the one that I love,
who will never love me back

And I raced through empty beer cans
Let the quarters swell in my hands
for a bus that I wouldn't take
To run from pain that I can't place

Or to echo empty stairwells
I grabbed the railing
as I fell down
to look up from your feet
before we could disagree
On how the big room smelled like alcohol or like honesty
For all the things you have to ask out-loud for clarity
From all the people, places, you'll have never known or went
To let alcohol keep voiding some of my purpose
In a life that I can't tame
It's full of pain that I can't place

It's a long way down from here
There's no way easy way out
Track Name: Black Out
Black-out drunk driving again
I can't help but think that it should have been me

And my sister said,
"Sit down.
You're going to need to breath.
It happened last night
And now he's gone."

And my friend's dad has cancer
And another friend was in the hospital
on an overdose

It all happened last night

Black-out drunk driving again
I can't help think but that it should have been me
Track Name: Kangaroo Whiskey
Well, Kirk's been drinking whiskey
mostly every single day
and every fucking night
First he lost his keys
Then he lost his sight
But he stumbled into a home
filled with bat-shit wild strippers, allegedly
Oh, he saw some kind of blinding light

And now he's eating kangaroo
and drinking High Gravity
Track Name: Battle Lines
If you call me old,
I'll call you an ageist
And reference the
work I've put in for this planet

If you call me a terrorist,
I'll call you just as bad
and take the value out of your reason

If you call me a queer,
I'll call you a faggot
for a significantly better statement

If you call me poor,
I'll call you self-interested
There are more sensible ways to spending

If you call me a liberal
I'll call you a knucklehead,
you fucking knucklehead

If you call me a sinner,
I'll call you a zealot
Don't worry praying for me
I have Jesus hanging on hold

If you've drawn the battle line
Well, I know who's side that I will stand by
If the battle lines have been drawn
Well, I know who's side I will fight on